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Kanguru Product Manual Downloads


Register Your Defender Secure USB Drive

• Defender 3000 (KDF3000)
• Defender 2000 (KDF2000)
• Defender Elite (KDFE)
• Defender Elite300 (KDFE300)
• Defender Elite200 (KDFE200)
• Defender Elite30 (KDFE30
• Defender Basic+ (KDFB)
• Defender HDD (KDH3B)
• Defender SSD (KDH3B)
• Defender HDD300 (KDH3B-300F)
• DefenderSSD300 (KDH3B-300F)

Register Your Kanguru Remote Management Product

• KRMC Enterprise (KRMC)
• KRMC Cloud (KRMC-Cloud)
• KRMC Cloud Pro KRMC-Cloud Pro)
• Kanguru Local Administrator (KLA)

Register Your Kanguru Standard USB Drive

• FlashTrust (WP-KFT3)
• FlashBlu30 (ALK-FB30)
• FlashBlu2 (ALK)
• Kanguru SS3 (KF3WP)
• Kanguru QS Mobile (QSH2)
• QS2 USB2.0 Hard Drive (QS2-3H)
• QS3 USB3.0 Hard Drive (QS3-3H)
• EcoDrive Hard Drive (EC-U2-HD25)
• QSSD USB3.0 Solid State Drive (QSSD-2H)

Register your Kanguru Virtual Access Drive

• Kanguru Mobile WorkSpace (KWTG100)
• Defender DualTrust (KDFDT)

Register Your Kanguru Optical Drive

• USB2.0 24x DVDRW DVD burner (U2-DVDRW-24x)
• USB2.0 16x BD-RE Blu-ray burner (U2-BRRW-16x)

Register Your Kanguru Optical Disc Duplicator

• 1-1 DVD Duplicator (U2-DVDDUPE-S1 )
• 1-3 DVD Duplicator (U2-DVDDUPE-S3)
• 1-5 DVD Duplicator (U2-DVDDUPE-S5)
• 1-7 DVD Duplicator (U2-DVDDUPE-S7)
• 7 target DVD Duplicator with hard drive (DVDDUPE-SHD7)
• 11 target DVD Duplicator with hard drive (DVDDUPE-SHD11)
• 11 target Network DVD Dupe w/HD (NET-DVDDUPE-SHD11)
• 1 Target Blu-ray Duplicator with hard drive (BR-DUPE-S1)
• 2 Target Blu-ray Duplicator with hard drive (BR-DUPE-S2)
• 3 Target Blu-ray Duplicator with hard drive (BR-DUPE-S3)
• 5 Target Blu-ray Duplicator with hard drive (BR-DUPE-S5)

Register Your Kanguru USB Duplicator

• 1-7 Kanguru USB Duplicator (U2D2-7)
• 1-15 Kanguru USB Duplicator (U2D2-15)
• 1-23 Kanguru USB Duplicator (U2D2-23)
• 1-31 Kanguru USB Duplicator (U2D2-31)
• Kanguru USB Copy Pro USB2.0 (KCP-U2)
• Kanguru USB Copy Pro USB3.0 (KCP-U3)

Register Your Kanguru HDD Duplicator

• 1-1 Mobile Clone (KCLONE-1HD-MBC)
• 1-5 HDD Duplicator Tower (KCLONE-5HD-TWR)
• 1-11 HDD Duplicator Tower (KCLONE-11HD-TWR)
• KanguruClone 5HD SATA Duplicator (KCLONE-5HD-SATA)
• KanguruClone 14HD SATA Duplicator (KCLONE-14HD-SATA)
• KanguruClone 7HDS Pro Duplicator (KCLONE-7HDS-PRO
• KanguruClone 15HDS Pro Duplicator (KCLONE-15HDS-PRO
• KanguruClone 23HDS Pro Duplicator (KCLONE-23HDS-PRO
• Kanguru USB3.0 Copy Dock SATA (U3-2HDDock-SATA)

Register Your Kanguru Accessory

• Kanguru Presenters Mouse (KMOUSE-PRES2)
• Kanguru Card Reader - Internal (KCARD-INT-MC)
• Kanguru 10-port USB2.0 Hub (KHUB-U2-10)
• Kanguru 7-port USB3.0 Hub (KHUB-U3-7)
• Kanguru USB3.0 PCI Card (KPCI-U3)
• Kanguru USB3.0 Express Card (KXC-U3)